Artesian Cocktail Serves 2015

Creative concepts. Technical specification. Sampling. Short-run manufacture.

The project? In July 2015 the Artesian unveiled its most ambitious menu yet. And almost every drink was served in a vessel designed and produced by Inkorporate. Taking inspiration from Surrealism, we created copper ants and pebbles that held cocktails. Wooden boxes full of smoke and light. Furry, golden whisky tumblers and glassware you could wear. An elephant inspired by Dali’s sculptures, and much more. But the vessels were not just disruptive shapes. Each was crucial to the serving and structure of the cocktail. Either because they added new textures or aromas, controlled the temperature or intensity of the liquid, or even manipulated how quickly the guest could drink. The result? The visually stunning range showcased the Artesian’s cocktails perfectly. It helped the bar win a Spirited award for an unprecedented fourth year in a row. And first place at World’s 50 Best for the third year running. The world’s best bar, serving the greatest drinks list in the most elegant way possible.