Our Ethics

The right approach.

We try to do things the right way. Not because it’s trendy. But because we want to. Because it makes us the kind of company that we want to work for, and be proud of. We care about our company. We embrace its continued growth. And we nurture the spirit of innovation and responsibility that is its essence. We do this by taking special care of the following:

Our people.

We care about our people. And we like to work with the very best. That’s why we only employ the most talented, like-minded individuals who share our need to be creative – and accountable. We look after them by training, supporting and mentoring. We encourage self and career development. We are committed to equality. Enabling diversity and individuality to flourish. Each employee is entered in a profit-share scheme – so everyone enjoys the benefits of the company’s success.

The manufacturing process.

We care about our products. That’s why we pay particular attention to the manufacturing process. Managing everything from concept through to delivery. So we always know the people that produce them and how they are made. We pay regular visits to our factories to maintain strong relationships, assess conditions and help develop products. We ensure that vendors are treated fairly, with agreements upheld and payments made on, or ahead, of time. We also carefully assess vendors using our own sustainable development questionnaire and anti-corruption policy.

The environment.

We care about the environment. We work hard to reduce our carbon footprint and minimise our environmental impact. We comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and approved codes of practice. We only design and manufacture quality products that are both durable and reusable. We pack all goods in recyclable materials. We deliver directly to your final destination wherever possible, using sea freight rather than air. We manage all records online to keep paperwork to a minimum. And we manage and dispose of all waste responsibly.

The community.

We care about the community. We invest in the communities around us to promote positive change. We support national charities. We purchase supplies from ‘Go Charitable’, who support the Starlight Children’s Foundation. We regularly contribute to ‘Children’s Safety Education’ through our local police force. We sponsor ‘Rickshaw Challenge’, which raises money for Water Aid UK. We take these responsibilities seriously. And as a dynamic company, we see our CSR as a constantly evolving, living policy.