Grand Marnier Last Tango in Paris

Concept development. Technical specification. Sampling. Short-run manufacture.

The project? Gareth Evans from the Blind Pig bar wanted to serve a Grand Marnier cocktail in a vessel styled as a juice carton. However, he hadn’t been able to seal a freshly-made drink into a watertight card container that could be easily constructed during service. We produced a rectangular, stainless-steel tin that could hold the cocktail. And then slid it into a disposable, waxed card sleeve that was printed with the colourful design of a grown-up juice drink. The result? After practicing folding the waxed card into shape, the bar team put the offering on the menu in May 2014. The serve slotted easily into the very unique drinks list, is a favourite amongst guests, and is one of the first cocktails that uses Grand Marnier as a base spirit rather than a modifier.