Plymouth Gin Martinez Dispenser for The Ivy

Creative concepts. Technical development. Manufacture of a one-off piece.

The project? The Ivy restaurant wanted to celebrate its hundredth birthday by creating a special centenary cocktail with Plymouth gin. The idea was to create a dispenser enabling the addition and serve of a Martinez cocktail every time one is ordered: the bartender makes a measure of the cocktail, adds it to the liquid in the dispenser, and then draws the same measure from the tap. As a result, the cocktail becomes a part of history, as a minute part of a cocktail served in 2067 would have been made in 2017! We made a sturdy glass vessel, with a solid brass stand, lid and tap, that combined design cues from both the Ivy and Plymouth Gin. The result? With the Martinez being the Ivy’s signature drink, the piece is already an integral part of the Ivy experience and has increased sales of Plymouth Gin. Moreover, it is now part of the history of the bar, and will keep guests watered for the next 100 years.